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UC Browser, as the the name suggests is a web browsing software.It was developed by Chinese mobile company by name of UCWeb and is owned by Alibaba group of China.Launched in April 2004,it was originally a J2ME-only application, but now it is available on a number of platforms which includes Android, Symbian, Blackberry operating system, JAVA ME and Microsoft windows.With a slogan as “UC inside,world in hand”, it completely justifies what it states.It has U4 engine based on Webkit.It is available in major languages of the world such as English , bangla, hindi tamil telugu,Russian,Spanish Arabic and French.
UC browser is a browser for mobile devices,. It was launched over twelve years ago, and as stated earlier, today it is available and extremely popular on many platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, IOS and BlackBerry. The user base of the application largely comes from Indian subcontinent, China,and Indonesia, and is increasingly spreading to other regional places. Today it has over half a billion users, and it is considered as the second most used browser on mobile phones, right behind Google Chrome. Users usually use Android systems to access this browser, and there is an estimate that over half of UC Browser users are accessing it through their Android smartphones. And the good news is that, UC Browser is available for PC users too.

Working of  UC Browser

The reason behind the agile working of UC browser is its unique  technology of cloud accleration and data compression. In this type of technology their servers act as proxy, and they compress the data of the web sites before they are sent to the users. This process helps the web content to be loaded much quicker and in a more efficient and easy manner. UC Browser is a pretty good alternative to other browsers and  is available for free. It is one of the fastest browsers available, it loads quickly and it comes loaded with serviceable and  top-notch features. UC browser also supports extensions giving this browser an added functionality. You can also move to browsing on a full screen mode, with just one press of a button. The latest Android update also includes support for loading pages on devices that have more than 2GB Ram memory. Another latest feature of UC for Android devices is the download manager. It is a very handy feature, especially when you want to save multiple files at once. The application will let you choose the elements of the page that you want to save. This is very serviceable if you want to save only images from a web page, or if your connection is slow and you do not want to get stuck when the download is on its way. UC Browser also automatically loads the web page version that is the most compatible with the speed of your internet connection. This feature comes in handy because you will have no problems while browsing different web pages. However, not everything is smooth and there are a couple of cons as well. First of all, most of the options take lots of space on the phone screen and second, you cannot instantly access the tabs. Instead, you have to go to the tabs menu first in order to see what pages have you loaded. Sharing of web pages is lot faster and stronger than in Chrome browser, but one setback is that you are required to make a sign-in to your different networks in order to find the application of any use.Probably the best feature about UC Browser that makes it stand out from the rest is the multitouch feature. With this feature you can move between web pages by swiping the screen left and right . If you swipe up the screen you will open a new tab on the browser, while swiping down on the screen you will close the tab. Google Zeitgeist 2013 showed that the “most Searched Mobile app” in India are dominated by messaging and browsing apps with Whatsapp and UC Browser topping the rankings for most searches on mobile in 2017.

Features that make UC browser:

This browser has been updated from time to time which users to get hands-on latest features and improvements and has been made as user-friendly as possible. The simple interface makes it easier to use. here is list of some unique and exiting features of this UCbrowser :

•Night Mode  : The night mode feature helps you save your battery life. If you are running out of your battery then you must switch to the night mode in the UC browser.Thus it extends your battery life. This feature also helps you protect your eyes while browsing at night.It is very useful feature for those users that are fond of reading books,they continue reading if the lights in your room have been turned off,the user can simply switch to night mode and continue their reading. What this feature does is that it reduces the screen light. This feature is totally free. You can switch to the night mode in UC browser by going into the menu and clicking on the night vision option.

•Mini Versio : UC browser is also available for Android phones with lesser required space in your memory. You can use the UC browser mini version on your phones which comes loaded with equal number of features as on any other device. In this way, you can enjoy this tiny package on your android phone which has lower memory domain. It takes a maximum of around 18 megaBits of space for installation. The User Interface of this mini version is also a bit different from the UC browser. It has more robust download features as compared to UC browser.

•Cloud Boost Technology : This technology basically uses the UCWeb’s server to boost the speed of browsing. This makes loading or accessing a bit-load faster.You are allowed to enable or disable this feature as per your choice. This cloud system gets data from the server that is available nearest to it. This makes the loading time faster.This unique technology makes the favourite browser of the users

•Gesture Browsing : You can enjoy browsing by gesturing on UC browser. It is an additional feature in UC browser which saves the gestures of your favorite website and you can visit them by drawing those gestures. Isn’t great! Click the gesture icon on the UC browser and draw the gesture of the website you intend to visit by your finger. Then you will see the magic. You can also switch tabs in UC browser by using this gesture browsing technique. Similarly, you can open the tabs or close them by simply swiping up or down.

•Multilingual : As this browser has more than 400 million users this means people of different countries having different languages would be using it. That is why it can be used in almost 11 languages. You can enjoy it on all popular OS . These Operating Systems include:
 Android
 Blackberry
 Windows
 Symbian

•Background Download  : When you quit your UC browser, the download process will keep on going. It won’t stop on closing the browser.If this downloading process becomes disconnected by Wi-Fi connection then it will resume whenever the connection becomes stable.It makes sure the data that is been downloaded by the user is securely downloaded and it allows parallel browsing so that the user does need to wait for the download to finish so that he/she can continue net surfing.

•U-Disk : UC browser gives you a great support in case of low or limited storage. If you are unable to save your files because of low storage on your phone then you can use the facility of U-Disk. It is a cloud service that stores your data in the cloud. Thus you can save your downloads in the cloud storage.The user does not need to worry about the storage space while downloading content

•Optimized Preloading: In optimized preloading, the next page is preloaded when you are reading a web page on the UC browser. When you are about to complete reading your current page and you are on the end of that
page, the next page loads up. In this particular way, it provides an excellent reading experience to its users.

 •Wi-Fi Sharing : With the Wi-Fi sharing feature of UC browser, you can share the downloaded files with other devices on your WI-FI. File transfer becomes relatively easy.

•Ad blocking Feature : Many internet users use ad blockers to block the ads. Another reason of this is to get to the faster Internet connection. UC browser gives robust ad blocking features with which you can block the ads and browse faster than before. Once you Download the UC Browser and start the installation process of this Browser, trust me you would be in love. The cute round Installation windows itself would make you go gaga.
Let us talk about the interface of browser. Blue in color, with Simple and elegant look of window and tabs, Address bar, bookmarks, favorites and forget not the Select Style option available, to customize theme for your browser windows. On extreme right of Address bar you will see UC cricket icon where you will get latest score updates of cricket matches. No need to use Google/Twitter/Facebook to know the score eh? Considering Desktop users
have no Cricket apps installed on Desktop You can synchronise your mobile bookmarks with ease, it has its own download manager you can easily pause, and resume downloads anytime unlike chrome. Added benefits such as;
you can download Chrome web extensions as well. Cool themes and quick icons you can customize as you want.

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