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Popcorn Time is multi-stage, free programming that incorporates a coordinated media player. The applications give a free “elective” to membership based video spilling administrations, for example, Netflix. Popcorn Time utilizes consecutive downloading to stream video recorded by a few deluge sites, and outsider trackers can likewise be included physically. The lawfulness of the product relies upon the purview.

Following its creation, Popcorn Time has immediately gotten favorable media consideration, with some contrasting the application with Netflix for its usability.

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What Is Popcorn Time?

VOD administrations changed how individuals watch films and Programs on the web. Such administrations opened the entryways for clients gaining admittance to whole libraries of Programs and motion pictures which they could get to at whatever point they needed. Clients all of a sudden would do well to access to a more extensive assortment of substance. After some time, things improved with fresher VOD administrations.

Although administrations like Netflix keep on getting a charge out of a lot of the market, there are administrations that are more pocket and easy to use.

At that point, there’s Popcorn Time, which is an open-source and allowed to utilize spilling administration. Popcorn Time enables clients to stream the most recent motion pictures and Programs from anyplace on the planet.

In its short history of presence, Popcorn Time has picked up consideration for every single imaginable reason. Right up ’til today, clients don’t know whether Popcorn Time is lawful or not and on the off chance that you can get in a lousy position utilizing Popcorn Time.

We will reveal insight into that and clarify why and how a decent Popcorn Time VPN, similar to the ones recorded beneath, can give complete significant serenity.

Size 9 MB
Version 3.2.2
Developer Popcorn Team
Root Yes | No
Category Tools
Downloads 100 Million +
Supports Android 4.0 +
Updated 2019

How Does Popcorn Time Work?

Popcorn Time is an administration that utilizes the BitTorrent convention to enable clients to stream content over the web.

Even though Popcorn Time works because of the BitTorrent convention, there is a significant variation between the two administrations. While deluge clients need to trust that the whole document will download before they can watch it, Popcorn Time enables clients to start spilling the substance right away.

You utilize a shared framework, much the same as in the BitTorrent convention, to stream content not from a local server but rather from multiple client PCs. The thing that matters is that you don’t need to trust that the document will download before you can stream it.

The legality of Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time programming is in itself legitimate. However, it relies upon how you use it, similarly likewise with downpours. For whatever length of time that you use Popcorn Time to stream copyrighted substance for your utilization and don’t share it, you are not by any stretch of the imagination overstepping the law.

The copyright laws were stringent previously, which prompted a ton of strain between copyright holders and clients. In any case, after some time, the previous have understood that enabling clients to stream copyrighted substance for individual use is fine.

Nonetheless, it’s the point at which you share this substance that issues emerge. Along these lines, it is essential to comprehend where does Popcorn Time store films.

On this respect, the new forms of Popcorn Time spare the downloaded record in your framework, and that may stand up to you with legal issues. When the record is on your gadget, different clients can download it through the P2P stage, and this is illegal by law. Hence, Popcorn Time claims are the thing that you may need to experience whether you get captured.

On the off chance that the sharing occurs, at that point, it is an instance of computerized theft, since you are sharing copyrighted substance illicitly. You can choose to expel the records from your framework when you restart it. However, you can keep them too.

Also, you should think about that laws vary from nation to nation and in specific areas utilizing Popcorn Time is unlawful regardless.


How a VPN for Popcorn Time Ensures You While Watching Films Online??

VPNs conceal your online action by encoding your traffic and concealing your character and area by covering your actual IP address. Despite where you are, utilizing Popcorn Time without a VPN is dangerous and may prompt legal issues. You ought to select to pick one of the best 7 VPNs for Popcorn Time.

When you interface with Popcorn Time through a VPN association, the encryption shrouds your information both to your Web access Supplier (ISP) and specialists. Along these lines, regardless of whether you happen to download and share copyrighted substance, no one will realize it is you. On account of how a VPN functions, you won’t need to stress over legal issues while viewing your preferred motion picture.


  • Access to arrangement and films using gushing.
  • Audiovisual substance consummately arranged by kind.
  • Search for any film or television program from the inherent web crawler.
  • Results arranged by notoriety, year of creation, title, and date of the vault in the database.
  • Add substance to the area of your top pick to have the option to get to them simpler.
  • Possibility to watch motion pictures and arrangements in various characteristics (720p, 1080p…) and 3D.
  • Contents in their unique language with the choice to install captions.
  • The official trailer of each film and arrangement.
  • Detailed data including a summation, the cast and generation year.
  • Built-in VPN to ensure your secrecy.
  • Keyboard alternate ways for quicker access to all capacities.
  • Interface accessible in various dialects and probability to modify it by methods for topics

How to Download and Install Popcorn Time on an iOS Gadget

PopcornTime underpins iOS gadgets and is an open-source venture that brings us motion picture downpours from everywhere throughout the world.

This application isn’t the sort of application you will discover in any official store, not astonishing truly, given its idea. Apple has never upheld downpour downloading and probably never will yet you can get this film application by introducing the Emus4U application installer.

Steps to be followed.

  1. Follow the guide at the catch above to Download Emus4U onto your iOS gadget.
  2. Open Emus4U from your home screen and go to the pursuit box.
  3. Type PopcornTime into the pursuit box and pause; tap the outcome that relates to your inquiry and tap on getting.
  4. Wait for the download to finish, and the application symbol will appear on your home screen.
  5. Close Emus4U and open your Settings application.
  6. Go to the Profiles segment under General and tap the PopcornTime profile.
  7. Tap on install.
  8. Close Settings and go to your home screen, tap the Popcorn Time symbol and begin getting a charge out of the entirety of your preferred motion pictures.


How to Download and Install Popcorn Time for Windows

  •  Open your program and visit Popcorn Time site Here.
  •  Look down and click on the choice of ‘Popcorn Time Windows’. You will be coordinated to a page where you will be provoked to spare Popcorn Time setup record > Spare the document.
  • Open the downloaded document > Select the goal area > Snap Straightaway.
  • A crate will create the impression that will request the program easy route. Try not to transform anything and Snap Straightaway.
  • It will request setting extra undertaking, including making a work area symbol or a begin menu. Make changes likewise and Snap Straightaway.
  • It will affirm for the progressions made by you. Snap Introduce to start introducing Popcorn Time for windows.
  • Snap Completion and Dispatch Popcorn Time.
  • Presently appreciate utilizing Popcorn Time.

How to  Download and Install Popcorn Time on Android

  • First, download the Popcorn Time Android app on your gadget.
  • Now, go to Settings> Privacy> Obscure Sources and check mark Permit Obscure Sources.
  • Next, explore the area where you had downloaded an app. Record prior.
  • Tap on introducing.
  • Proceed with the establishment by tapping on Straightaway.
  • Wait for a few moments till Popcorn Time introduces.
  • Upon fruitful establishment, appreciate viewing boundless HD motion pictures, shows, documentaries, and more media through the best spilling application on your Android telephone or tablet.

Is Popcorn Time Legal in India ??

As of late in India, different clients were appeared for getting to changed deluge sites. Be that as it may, no guidelines are limiting the utilization of Popcorn Time in India. There is no damage in viewing your preferred films and Network programs through Popcorn Time, as long as you don’t utilize the substance for re-conveyance.


Like some other applications, Popcorn Time has its own mistakes that I recorded above, and yet most importantly, it has a massive number of titles both in motion pictures and television arrangements in clear classes and goals that you can appreciate marathon watching. The application is for the most part free except if you need a VPN which isn’t too costly either and that is a USP since you don’t get advertisements on this application.

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