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Transferring files, folders and images from one device to another without internet connection was once a dream. As the technology flowered, we discovered various media via which we can foster our digital needs. One such development is the SHAREit application available on Android, Windows and iOS devices. SHAREit is a free application to transfer files from a Wi-Fi compatible device to another similar one that uses the concept for Wi-Fi Direct and it is available for download shareit apk. Users can use it to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and any other file. It is a free application from Lenovo that permits Windows ,Windows phone, android and apple supporting devices to transfer files directly by ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections. Download shareit apk .It is the most hassle-free application which gives you accessibility to transfer files without any internet connection. It is currently available in 40 odd languages including English Arabic French and Chinese.

It was first launched in China in June 2012 and was named as Anyshare.Prior to SHAREit or similar applications  the only best method for file transfer was the legendary Bluetooth method,or the rather conservative method of USB drives.Both the method was rather derogative to a certain extent .In case of Bluetooth sometimes the speed was frustratingly slow and in the latter there were chances of getting malicious data or file transferred from one device to another thus hurting the foreign device or PC in connection.So to get rid of such problems SHAREit came in as a blessing in disguise.The problems caused by USB drive method was was noted even by magazines such as WIRED. Looking at the unsafe protocol application like SHAREit were developed.




SHAREit indeed is a helpful app which comes in handy when we are bereft of internet connection  (as usually we are).To transfer your files you just need to keep the two devices with SHAREit in it close to each other.It is around 35 times faster than traditional Bluetooth method and also not so traditional whatsapp sharing technique.below I have listed some features in SHAREit app

  • It does’nt require a internet connection .Just two devices with SHAREit installed in it.
  • The app ahs function has the to view photos stored in mobile phones on computer.
  • Users can control PPT directly through their phones.
  • It connects two apps regardless of operating system they run.Isn’t it fascinating!
  • It is freely available in playstore for android and various other platforms for Iphone users.

Now these are some features of SHAREit that I am recalling right now.Just as every other blogger does I am also concerned about my readers.Therfore to alleviate the stress of finding a SHAREit app in playstore I AM LEAVING A LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD SHAREit apk directly into your smartphones.


Shareit Download For PC


Apps similar to SHAREit

CLONEit:   It replicates contacts ,SMS,messages MMS messages music, vedios,apps and other data from one old phone to the new one.

Zapya: It is a peer to peer file sharing app.Initially it was conceived for Chinese market only but later it has spread to neighbouring countries like Pakistan India Bangladesh Myanmar and similar to SHAREit is  available to different operating systems such as android ,ios,windows etc.Wang Xiao Dong ,Steve Gu and Shangpin Xang designed Zapya The app is extremely useful in countries with low internet penetration and poor internet architecture to transfer and share files without using the internet by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot. In addition Zapya’s  “Phone replicate” feature can easily backup and replicate files from an old mobile device to a new one.

Though these are some apps which are similar to SHAREit but these doesn’t stand a a chance while competing against SHAREit due to its speed and extremely user friendly interface. Download shareit apk  as it is supervfast , In very short span of time it reconnects on it’s own. You don’t have to connect  on your own and start the process all over again . Moreover while transferring or receiving your data through bluetooth or with connection wires you can send or receive the data with only one recipient . In you can do this within 5 recipients synchronously . Its totally hassle-free and doesn’t cost a single penny over to transfer the your data in minutes . Sometimes  an advertisment may come between . But its totally okay as the application doesn’t cost any penny. download shareit apk as doesn’t occupy much of your phone’s storage.

How does SHAREit work?

SHAREit is a cool little app.  It’s simple, fast and really easy to use.  You’ll love it.  I use it every day to quickly transfer files and sometimes whole folders from one PC to another PC.  Our family uses it to share photos they just took from phone to phone.  No need to use your data plans, no need to even have a mobile signal, it just goes from phone to phone.  Phone to phone, phone to PC, PC to PC, tablet to all and vice versa, it’s just that easy.

Who Can Use It?

SHAREit not only supports Android phones and tablets, but also supports iPhone, iPad & even Windows PCs. It’s really the best and the fastest cross-platform sharing app out there!

So, take my advice and try it.  Invite your friends to try it with you.  You won’t be disappointed.

Some facts about SHAREit:

• It can share all types of files!

SHAREit can share all you want to share with friends. The app shares text files, pdfs, apks and all other sorts of files, apart from music and video files.

• It is incredulously faster than all other means of transfer!

You probably think of Bluetooth or USB transfer when I talk about file transfer. But SHAREit beats these transfer methods single handly! The transfer speed is 200 times the speed of Bluetooth and several times the speed of your average USB transfer.

• The transfer is 100% free! No hardware or data required!

You don’t need your USB connected anywhere, or any other hardware tweaking for that matter. Data charges don’t hold either! You care not cost a single penny. The app makes use of your WiFi facility on the phone. And it works even if there is no WiFi connection or internet data on your SIM.

SHAREit can share photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and other file types with no size restrictions.

Easy transfer!

Easily transfer and back up contacts, messages, apps, all types of files from your old phone to new one.

Easily connected wherever possible!

Connect to your PC and view files on your mobile.
Directly control your PPT with your mobile.
Back up valuable data in a second, save every treasured moment.

Beyond app stores: SHAREit

Android users in India are not just sticking to Google Play for downloading apps; they’re doing it through another method—SHAREitSHAREit is a file sharing app developed by Lenovo, the Chinese device manufacturer. Often the first app Indian smartphone users download on a new phone, SHAREit enables users to get other apps quickly. Despite Lenovo’s device market share hovering at only 6% in India, SHAREit is installed on 66% of devices in India, which is up from 42% in September 2015 and 34% from June 2015. SHAREit is one of Lenovo’s DOit series of apps, which also includes REACHit, a file storage app, and WRITEit, a handwriting recognition engine that interprets hand-written words into digital text. Download it from


Since it launched in 2012, SHAREit has amassed over 500M users worldwide and is available in over 30 languages including English, Hindi, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia. The app has 150M users in India.

Why does SHAREit needs to brag about itself?

While Lenovo has many other DOit apps, SHAREit is the only one that appears in App Annie’s top 100 apps in India. In fact, as of publication today, SHAREit is number five in the top 100 apps in App Annie’s rank of free Android apps. So what makes SHAREit more popular than heavy hitters like Amazon India, Uber, and Instagram?download shareit apk.


For one, SHAREit is completely free and actually saves users data costs. The app allows users to digitally share files between each other, across platforms and operating systems, without the need for an Internet connection. It’s also incredibly fast, faster than Bluetooth. Both features are incredibly important for Smartphone users in India. Many users’ devices are older models, running on older, slower operating systems. The high cost of mobile data in India limits many users’ access to the Internet and makes users more selective about which apps they will download. Users of older devices benefit from fast file sharing, and data-conscious users benefit from truly free file sharing

Achievements of SHAREit:

SHAREit is one of the most popular apps in the world with 870 million loyal users in North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia and Europe, and ranks No.1 in Google Play and App Store in 90+ countries. It has been displayed at the homepage of Google Play for 60+ times.

So after writing this blog I hope I have made pretty vivid in my reader’s mind about the intricacies of SHAREit.








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