Our website terms and conditions template is intended for use on free-to-read blogs.

The provisions of this template cover the following matters, amongst other things:

  • ownership and licensing of copyright in material published on the blog;
  • acceptable use of the blog and abuse reporting;
  • the creation, maintenance and cancellation of accounts on the blog;
  • user comments (see below) and other user-generated content;
  • RSS feeds; and
  • disclaimers of liability.

From a legal perspective, the most distinctive feature of a typical blog is the ability for users to publish their own material via a blog comments feature. These terms and conditions include provisions concerning the pre-publication review of comments, the deletion and editing of published comments and the kinds of content that users may submit using such a comments feature. Those provisions may be used to prohibit the publication not only of illegal material, but also of material that may be offensive or otherwise unsuitable.