The Best Free Apple iPhone Touch Apps Games – Toys Or Tools?

With more than 300 new apps being added every day, it’s hard to sift through all the iPhone apps to know which ones would be fun or useful. But before you start spending money on apps that may or may not be of use, check out the best free iPhone apps games.

Here’s a few worth checking out:

– Light application-Find yourself fumbling around for a flashlight? This app turns the iphone into a flashlight fast and simple. This works well when you need a little light to get a key in the door or actually find something in the car.

– EReader-forget about Kindle, this app allows you to read free eBooks or you can buy them at Ereader, Fictionwise or numerous other eBook sellers. The eReader is a great little tool.

– Twittererrific-O.K., so you can’t live without those Twitter updates and making sure everyone knows you are sitting on the couch doing nothing. With this app, you can Twitter to your heart’s content.

– Evernote-ever made careful notes to pick up a part or left the grocery list at home? This app is a great way to jot down all those things that are on list upon list at home, but now you will actually have the list with you. It will even align your information across your iPhone , PC or Mac. How neat is that?

– Remote-with your Wi-Fi Network, turn your iPhone into a remote control and enjoy your music throughout the house. A Couch Potatoes Dream! Why bother getting up? Play the music you want via this app.

– TypePad-This app lets you to add content to your blog, upload photos and let people know when your blog has some new content by automatically updating on Twitter. Catch-you have to use their web based service.

– And last but not least:

– Save Benjis-My personal favorite as I am always on the hunt for a deal. Benjis lets you find the best internet price of whatever you are shopping then compares prices from 1000 different stores. Over 15 million products are searched. Plus you can buy products and read reviews right from your iPhone. Priceless.

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