Five Best iPad Games That Thrill

So you have gotten yourself a brand new iPad and you have exhausted your entire budget in downloading cool apps for your iPad. But now you are worried that you do not have any decent games on your tab! Now however is it possible that you do not have games on your iPad? Well, there is no reason to be dejected for there are indeed tonnes of free iPad games that can spice up your life! Here is a comprehensive list of the five best iPad games that are chartbusters in 2014. What’s more? They are absolutely free!

Real Racing 3

Do you simply love the races and just can’t seem to get enough of it? Well the Real Racing 3 is going to blow your mind then! When you have a screen as large as the iPad, the thrill of racing will be such that you will forget that you are not on the real tracks and actually behind the wheels. The visuals in this game are just to die for. Although there are some purchases you would need for upgrades, you can well operate with a lot of cars and tracks without any upgrade too!


Are you the kind of person who is obsessed with word games and loved playing Scrabble as a child? Well if words excite you, QatQi is a must on your iPad. Although it may seem like a simple Scrabble like games being played in the dark, you will soon realise that you are in the throes of a exciting spin. Although the main goal of the game is to construct crosswords, you will find yourself feeling a frission of excitement as you enter dungeons in a quest for special tiles and stars that boost your score.

Crimson: Steam Pirates

Feeling like Jack Sparrow are you? Then try out this strategy game that comes with a very interesting back story. You will be the commander of pirate ships and will find yourself in the thick of action as you steer their course.

Tilt to Live HD

If simplicity and excitement is what you are pining for, you will love this game. It is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is tilt your iPad to keep alive in this game and keep yourself safe from the red dots. But soon you will find that this game requires some artful dodging and real motor skills to even tilt in a manner to stay alive! To say its and addictive game is to make an understatement!

Drop 7 Free

Looking for an absolutely world class puzzle game? Then you must try out the Drop 7. It would be no exaggeration to call it one of the finest games on the iOS platform today. In this game you will need to drop discs with numbers into a grid. If a number matches the number of rows or columns it will vanish! It requires skill and strategy to play this game, and if you are an avid puzzle solver you are bound to fall in love with it!

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The Best Apps to Download on Your iPhone

Modern smartphones function somewhat like a remote control for everything in life. With the press of the touchscreen on your iPhone, you can find directions to local restaurants, listen to music, watch videos, or communicate with friends on social media websites. Some iPhone apps are essentially games, and these offerings help people pass time spent waiting at the doctor’s office or on public transportation. What are the best apps to download onto your iPhone? Let’s take a look at a few standout selections.

The RunKeeper iPhone App

RunKeeper is a really innovative mobile application. For those people who like to run outside, the app performs similar functions to the heads-up displays on stationary bikes or elliptical trainers. Using GPS functionality, this software tracks your performance during runs.

With the information provided by RunKeeper, you can hold yourself accountable to an exercise routine and make modifications to your technique to improve your results over time. For exercise enthusiasts, this iPhone app is incredibly useful.


Savvy consumers love getting great deals. For many, Sunday mornings have been spent clipping coupons from the newspaper. The Groupon iPhone app makes deal hunting even easier. Essentially, local businesses provide special bargains exclusively through the Groupon app which then broadcasts them directly to the phones of nearby users.

It is incredibly convenient to have these sales delivered right into your pocket. If you are the type of consumer that loves buying goods and services at bargain prices, you will appreciate the Groupon iPhone app.


Shazam is another interesting iPhone app. This software enables users to identify songs in nearly any location using their mobile phones. This algorithm-based service uses the on-board microphone to listen to audio and compares the results to a massive database of songs. After it reports a song’s details to you, you can then purchase it right on your iPhone.

Music fans will enjoy the functionality of Shazam. If you’ve ever wondered who an artist is after hearing a great song playing at the grocery store, you will recognize the utility of this iPhone app.

These are just a few examples of some of the top applications that have been released to the App Store. Any individual user will find an untold number of great apps that can make daily life easier. If you are a new iPhone owner that wants to try out some of the most well-known apps, starting with these examples is a fine first step.

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Zynga’s Scramble is the Best iPhone Game

I’ve long been a fan of the thousands of different iPhone apps available for free and for purchase. Naturally, I have a soft spot for the free games, as they’re easy to download and can simply be erased if I don’t like one. I’ve been playing iPhone games for over a year, ever since I bought the phone. I’ve gone through my phases and love affairs with so many of them, but when all is said and done, there’s one that I like more than any other.

Scramble, made by Zynga, is the most addicting iPhone app game that I’ve ever played. Sure, I’m a sucker for puzzle style games to begin with, so this plays into my personal tastes. Still, I’m not the only person saying that Scramble is the best iPhone game out there. There are a few reasons I feel this way, and here they are.

First of all, I love the ease with which you can drag the letters to form words. This is great.

Secondly, I love the thrill of going against a timer. I’m also able to enjoy the versus mode with my girlfriend, as we can compete against each other to see who scores higher (I usually win, but don’t tell her I told you that!).

Third, the online play is spectacular. Instantly upon loading the game, you can go up against at least 90 other people, all of whom have the same exact board as you. This is great to see how you stack up with others.

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